in the gloaming (roaming) wrote in menotomy,
in the gloaming

ooh, tacky

I live on Highland Ave (it runs from Mass Ave out to Rt 2). Today I find that the avenue has American flags stuck in the grass by the roadway, all the way up. I wondered if maybe there'd be some parade later on that these are marking the route of. . . except that Mass Ave is a more obvious route.

But upon closer inspection, I find that each and every one of these flags has a business card taped to them, from Beth York Real Estate, out of Pembroke, MA but "serving Boston and the surrounding areas."

The card has the name of a local realtor, and her pic. She looks like a nice lady. But I'm going to email her to say that THIS particular method smacks of tacky opportunism. The 4th is NOT a vehicle for advertizing your business. Just mnsho. YMMV.
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