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Local opera workshop

Posting this on behalf of the director and producer, who are both longtime Arlington residents. You do not have to live in Arlington to participate, however!

Living Room Opera is an opera workshop for people who love to sing but don't have the time or training to take part in complete operas.

We cast a few scenes, help you learn your music, give you staging (along with advice on the best way to portray your character), and then run the scenes - all in a friendly living room, with no competition and no stress.

LRO has been in hibernation since 2001, but we're planning a small revival. We're hoping to mount two scenes over the course of just a few weeks in August/early September.

Do you want to join us? Visit
for more information, and then contact producer Nancy Burstein at impresaria(at)comcast.net

Marion Leeds Carroll
Founder/stage director, Living Room Opera
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