Martha (42itous) wrote in menotomy,

Chairful Where You Sit

The second annual Chairful fundraiser is under way, with dozens of wonderful chairs designed by local artists on display this week only. I went to the opening reception last night at one of the two locations.

About half of the chairs are for sale outright, and the other half available via a silent auction. Proceeds go to support arts education and enrichment programs in Arlington. You can see half of the exhibition in Arlington Center and the other half on the bike path at Lake Street.
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The nametag in the first photo reads, "Chair Man of the Bored."

The last photo is of a child-size chair and the painting is a remarkably accurate copy of the illustrations in Goodnight Moon.
Thanks, i had forgotten all about this. Did you participate in making any of these?
Not this year. I meant to, and I even have two chairs at home which I'm saving for future Chairfuls, but I just haven't had time yet.